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Fusion Athletic Programs

The FUSION Athletic Programs are a community-based outreach, sponsored by the LEAPlete Foundation that offers competitive athletic opportunities to special needs individuals at no cost to families and guardians. Through the FUSION Athletic Programs, athletes receive weekly specific sports trainings at state of the art facilities by professional coaches, which provides them the tools to develop the skills needed for their selected sport. Athletes also given all sports specific accessories/equipment, uniforms, warmups necessary to participate in competitions. Special Olympics has been the forerunner for special needs athletics, however, these days many other sports specific agencies and governing bodies are now introducing special needs divisions. Since the inception a year ago, the FUSION Athletic Programs have grown to form an All-Star Cheerleading team and Track and Field program. Beyond that of the competition floor, FUSION athletes come together and get involved in many local community events that support and bring awareness to our mission.

All-Star Cheerleading

All-Star Cheerleading is more than chants, cheers and pompoms. It relies heavily on teamwork, communication and dedication. All-Star Cheerleading provide athletes the opportunity to focus on their individual skill development which ultimately transitions into a fast paced, electrifying team routine. The versatility and flexibility of the cheerleading allows for the inclusion and highlighting of athletes at any ability level. The development of character traits is as benefit of the physical developments gained through the process.

Track and Field

Running is one of the oldest known manners of exercise. Today, Track and Field is comprised of a wide variety of sporting events. Track and Field programs are based on three main components – running, jumping and throwing – requiring the development of muscular strength, balance and coordination. The Track and Field Program provides countless opportunities for athletes to learn how to be self-disciplined, increase their span, focus and motivation while also benefiting them with the physical and emotional aspects of a team sport.