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Why Us?

Since our Samaritans pay 100% of their own travel, our delivery cost is extremely low, allowing more of your money to reach the people.

The first $25,000 we raise will go 100% to the Miracle Bank. Our founder and board will cover all overhead until we meet this goal.

We’re focusing on the people who have fallen through the cracks of traditional aid. This is not “just another NGO.”

You are supporting a new concept of humanitarianism. A new organization. A startup that is NOT FOR PROFIT. Take pride in that!


Your donation could restore someone's sight, prevent a child’s disease or support someone who has no financial resources to continue his/her education.

Our activity is aimed at improving the way people live in poor countries all around the world. Our volunteers regularly visit various towns and regions in China, Africa and India to improve lives of people living there.


Give in Your Will

We have a lot of big plans. We're aiming to eradicate epidemics and make life fairer for people with disabilities. We're already on the way to eliminating the painful and treatable diseases for good; the next few years will be crucial in meeting the extraordinary goal of educating children and teenagers, and you're vital in helping us achieve it. Our big plans rely a lot on the generosity of people like you remembering Open Heart in their will.

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Urgent Projects with Summer Camps

Our Company has a long tradition of charitable giving and philanthropy. One of the most popular charitable projects is Open Heart's Summer Camp .

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